doing right…for the right reasons for a better future.

Our mission at Sunovis Financial is clear:

We help small businesses compete and succeed in today’s world through SBA financing.

Sunovis will help you navigate the road from pre-qualification and application to approval.  Our company helps small business owners to understand the process as well as what the SBA and lenders are looking for in a successful applicant; we help with your preparation and the application for an SBA loan through to loan approval. We want your success to be our success, too!

Sunovis is a combination of the Latin words for “sun” and “new”. We believe in creating a new day; the work that Sunovis will do represents a new day for small businesses, the economy and ultimately the country.

“Any reward that is worth having only comes to the industrious. The success which is made in any walk of life is measured almost exactly by the amount of hard work that is put into it.” –Calvin Coolidge

Small business is so important to our communities and very important in rebuilding our economy. Today more than ever, small businesses need capital and assistance to thrive, and that is what Signa is focused on.

Our company is all about doing right…for the right reasons for a better future. We are passionate about our mission.

Call us today to discuss your business needs.

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SBA Basics


“Nothing can stop the man with the right attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”–Thomas Jefferson

The Small Business Administration (SBA) was created in 1953, and has gone through many changes though the mission is the same: help small businesses.

The largest impact the SBA has is on loan guarantees through lenders. The SBA does not lend money directly – it guarantees private commercial loans structured to and in compliance with SBA requirements. Some businesses and start-ups are considered more risky by conventional lenders, so the SBA levels the playing field, making it possible to obtain funding.

There are also some basic eligibility guidelines that the SBA wants from its applicants, including a few points found below. Sunovis will discuss guidelines with you in detail:

  1. Your business must be a for-profit business that meets the SBA’s size standards.
  2. You must not already have the internal resources to provide financing for the business.
  3. Your business needs to be able to demonstrate that you can repay the loan (usually via your credit report, a business plan and/or current financials including cash flow.)  Cash flow is quite important, as demonstration of cash flow or projected cash flow will show the lender and SBA that the loan payments can be handled and the loan discharged.
  4. Your business must be owner-operated, and organized as a sole proprietorship, corporation, or professional partnership.
  5. You must be current on your debts.
  6. Pledge of available business assets and—in some cases—personal assets may be required to secure the loan.
  7. You must qualify for the loan according to the lender’s basic requirements.

There are other details, such as credit scores, past bankruptcies and such that can be discussed with Sunovis Financial.

What are some ADVANTAGES of the SBA Loans?

SBA loans can be advantageous over conventional loans for several reasons. 

  • SBA loans can cover items that a typical loan may not. There is a broader range of assets to consider such as equipment or working capital.
  • You need less money down. This allows more equity to go into your business and can put your small business on its way, faster.
  • Longer terms. With a longer loan term, you can increase your cash flow and/or create a better financial situation for your small business.
  • No balloon payment required.  Typically, you can establish terms that minimize your monthly payment without that large balloon at the end of the loan.
  • Business start-up financing. You can start your new business in the right direction with SBA financing. High costs for start-up are necessary but tough, and they can be financed over long periods of time, giving your business a chance for success earlier in its life.
  • Refinancing your business real estate.  If your business purchased real estate during the economic upswing, you may need to refinance.  You may even have a loan coming due that will be difficult to deal with. You can refinance with a SBA loan. 

In general, SBA loans are available for:

Medical businesses that offer professional services such as doctors, dentists and vets
Hospitality and restaurants
Agricultural businesses
Seasonal businesses
General and trade construction companies

Check with Sunovis Financial if you have questions about your business and the SBA loan.



Our SBA experts will help you from beginning to end. We know how to “package” your SBA application and position your application to enhance your chances and highlight your strengths. We understand all of the details and complications that can surround an SBA loan application, and help navigate you through with a competitive advantage.  SBA loans are competitive and detailed. Congress supports providing resources. You need to get favorable attention from lenders and institutions. We have the skills you need to accomplish your goals. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

“You can cut down a tree with a hammer, but it takes about 30 days. If you trade the hammer for an ax, you can cut it down in 30 minutes. The difference between 30 days and 30 minutes is skills.”–Jim Rohn


Small Business in the U.S.

The U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Office of Advocacy counted 26.8 million businesses in the United States and in fact, small businesses (defined by the government as companies with less than 500 employees) make up the vast majority of business entities in America. Of all businesses in the U.S, the SBA reports 99% have fewer than 500 employees.  78.6% have fewer than 10 employees and 60.8% have fewer than 5 employees.  Innovation, serving community needs and creating jobs and a stronger economy all come from small businesses. It is in the interest of the country for the SBA to support small businesses.

“The greatest thing in the world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving.”–Oliver Wendell Holmes

The SBA has gone through various changes and updates over the years.  Under the recent Recovery Act and the Small Business Jobs Act, SBA loans were enhanced to provide up to a 90 percent guarantee in order to strengthen access to capital for small businesses after capital markets and credit froze in 2008.  The SBA’s mission today is stated as follows:

 “to maintain and strengthen the nation’s economy by enabling the establishment and viability of small businesses and by assisting in the economic recovery of communities after disasters.”

Make sure to visit the FAQ section of our website for further information about SBA loans.

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Who We Are


“Wherever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”–Peter Drucker 

The Sunovis Financial team are experts in SBA loans and services, bringing needed assistance and guidance to small businesses. The Sunovis professionals are very experienced in all aspects of lending, with more than 100 years of combined experience in banking.  We have top SBA professionals nationwide who deliver SBA expertise, skill and dedication to you.

Sunovis is your expert ally for an SBA loan, including the preparation and all matters through post-closing. We cut through the complications and get to the core of the matter – what are your financial needs and can we help your business? We understand that small businesses are the backbone of this country, and small businesses need help to grow and thrive.

“When hope for better collides with opportunity to be better, magical things start to happen.”–Adlin Sinclair




Terry Robinson – President and Founder of Sunovis Financial

Terry Robinson has been active in lending for 22 years and has deep banking and business experience. He was a young achiever, already serving as a branch manager at Amerifund Inc. at 20 years of age, growing one site to multiple branches and bringing significant production.

An entrepreneur at heart, Robinson opened his own mortgage firm and grew it successfully.  In 1992, he went on to pioneer a one hour real estate television show, the Real Estate Showcase, hosted by a local celebrity. In this era before the internet exploded, the show was the first of its kind in the U.S.  Typically, residential buyers would have to spend all weekend driving to see properties. The television tours and concepts pioneered by Robinson gave consumers the ability to see the inside and out of homes from the comfort of their living room or office. And the realtors saved time concentrating on closing with serious buyers rather than spending time at showings or open houses. Robinson also included educational portions to the television show to add quality.

Terry joined Norwest Mortgage, and when Norwest merged with Wells Fargo, he was in the epicenter of Silicon Valley (and the explosion) and well positioned in the bank.  Robinson moved to Countrywide as a manager who had one of the highest production levels in the U.S.  Robinson was part of the team that helped move Countrywide from the 7th largest lender to the #1 U.S. lender. Robinson since then has worked independently in every facet of commercial real estate and lending, including debt restructuring, technology development, private equity and consulting.  He revolutionized outdated sales and operation platforms by creating state of the art systems. Terry is the founder and CEO of Genesis Capital and has pioneered the new market of “off market” transactions. He has experience in more than $1.2 Billion Dollar career transactions, and has aggressively built Genesis Capital while observing the temperature of the economy.

Having developed a number of successful businesses over the years, Terry understands the obstacles and frustrations that face small business.  Sunovis offers him the satisfaction of using his experience to help benefit others.

“We are passionate about our mission,” says Robinson.  “We want to make a positive impact on communities and families while helping to rebuild our economy. We believe that SBA loans – and new capital or debt restructuring – will help small businesses to thrive again.”


Charles Ramsey – National Lending Director: SBA and Commercial Real Estate

Charles (“Chuck”) Ramsey comes to Sunovis with more than 30 years of SBA experience.  Not only has he worked at the U.S. Small Business Administration as a loan specialist, he also has broad and deep experience in banking and all aspects of loan underwriting, credit analysis, packaging, servicing and commercial lending.  Chuck is a great asset for helping prospective SBA loan applicants at Sunovis Financial.

Ramsey’s banking experience encompasses both large and small banks. Chuck was a Vice President and Commercial Loan Officer at Bank of America for over a decade, handling SBA 7(a) and SBA 504 loans as well as commercial real estate. He structured, documented and underwrote SBA loans at Wachovia, and handled SBA and commercial loans at Exchange Bank, First Community Bank of Santa Rosa, Greater Bay Bank and Vision One Credit Union.

Chuck understands what both banks and the SBA need and he “talks the talk”, which is vital for Sunovis SBA loan applicants. Significantly, he has also been a small business advisor as well as an active community leader. He organized a community group for local business chambers to interface with county government officials; organized a group to revitalize the Monte Rio downtown area to promote a safe and welcoming environment for businesses and tourists; and led a revitalization effort on Sacramento’s Broadway commercial corridor.

 “I am passionate about helping small businesses grow and overcome obstacles to achieving success,” says Chuck. “Working together we are building a stronger future for our small businesses and our communities.”

Chuck has a BA in Psychology from State University of New York at Binghamton, and graduate work in accounting, finance and organizational development at Georgia State University. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

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