Success Stories: Transforming Businesses With SBA 7A and 504 Loans

SBA 7A and 504 loans have been pivotal in driving remarkable transformations for businesses like Ida Red General Store, Commercial Drywall, Inc, and CMS Corporation. These success stories highlight the profound impact of strategic financing on local economies, family enterprises, and community development. From fostering community connections at Hazelwood Café to showcasing local treasures at Alabama Goods, these examples underscore the significant role of SBA support in fueling entrepreneurial ventures toward prosperity and growth. Learn how these businesses harnessed the power of SBA loans to achieve their remarkable success.

Key Takeaways

• SBA loans facilitated growth and success for businesses like Ida Red and Commercial Drywall, Inc.

• CDI’s multi-generational success showcases the transformative impact of SBA financing.

• Utilizing SBA loans, CMS Corporation expanded, created jobs, and boosted local economies.

• SBA Microloan helped Hazelwood Café foster community connections and business growth.

• Alabama Goods’ dedication to local products led to economic growth and global recognition.

Angelene Ripley Wright: Oklahoma Small Business Award

Angelene Ripley Wright’s prestigious recognition as the 2024 Oklahoma Small Business Person of the Year underscores the influential impact of her entrepreneurial endeavors in the local business landscape. As the owner of Ida Red stores in Tulsa, specifically known for Ida Red General Store, Wright has exemplified exceptional entrepreneurship that caught the attention of the state of Oklahoma. Her dedication and success in the small business sector have not gone unnoticed, with the award shining a spotlight on her achievements.

Wright’s story serves as a proof to the positive influence of SBA support on business growth, demonstrating how strategic financial assistance can propel entrepreneurs to new heights of success. Through her work with Ida Red stores, Wright has not only contributed to the vibrant business community in Oklahoma but has also inspired fellow entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams with determination and resilience. Her recognition as the Small Business Person of the Year highlights the significant impact that passionate individuals can have on the local economy and business ecosystem.


Second Generation Success With SBA

Heather Hoffman and Andrew Leach of Commercial Drywall, Inc. (CDI) exemplify the enduring success achievable through multi-generational businesses supported by SBA loans. Guiding the intricacies of running a family business, they capitalized on SBA financing to overcome challenges and seize opportunities, propelling CDI towards growth and sustainability.

The pivotal role of SBA assistance in CDI’s expansion underscores how strategic financial support can empower small businesses to thrive across generations. By leveraging SBA loans, Heather Hoffman and Andrew Leach not only sustained their family enterprise but also paved the way for its evolution and success.

Their experience serves as a witness to the transformative impact of SBA support on fostering second-generation success within small businesses. Through their dedication and the aid of SBA loans, CDI stands as a shining example of how family-owned businesses can prosper and flourish with the right financial backing and strategic vision.

The Domino Effect Business Transformation

Building upon the success of CDI in leveraging SBA loans for sustainable growth, CMS Corporation demonstrates the transformative potential of strategic decision-making in the construction industry through the domino effect of federal contracting and infrastructure investments.

By strategically utilizing small business administration loans and seizing opportunities in federal contracting, CMS Corporation not only expanded its operations but also played a significant role in boosting local economies and creating job opportunities.

The infusion of infrastructure dollars into their projects not only contributed to the company’s growth but also had a ripple effect on the community, showcasing how one successful business can positively impact the industry as a whole.

CMS Corporation’s story serves as a validation of the power of smart business decisions and effective resource utilization in driving business transformation and success in the construction sector. Through their approach, they have not only achieved significant growth but also made a tangible difference in the economic landscape by creating employment opportunities and fostering local development.

Hazelwood Café: Serving Up Connections

Hazelwood Café, a local coffee and tea haven, received an SBA Microloan to bring owner Dasawn Gray’s dream of creating a community-oriented establishment to life. Gray, an Oklahoma small business person, leveraged SBA assistance to establish this locally owned retail store. The SBA’s support enabled Gray to support small businesses and foster community connections through his café.

Focused on more than just serving beverages, Hazelwood Café prioritizes creating meaningful connections with its guests. Gray’s vision for the café goes beyond coffee; it aims to provide a welcoming and inviting space for the community to gather. The personalized service and emphasis on community engagement embedded in the café’s business model showcase the impact of strategic financial assistance. By utilizing SBA loans, Hazelwood Café has not only flourished as a business but has also become a hub for nurturing relationships and fostering a sense of belonging within the community.

Alabama Goods: Local Treasure Success

Alabama Goods, a retail store chain specializing in products made exclusively in Alabama, has garnered widespread acclaim for its dedication to showcasing local treasures and supporting artisans and businesses native to the state. By focusing on promoting and preserving local craftsmanship, Alabama Goods not only attracts customers worldwide who appreciate unique, locally-made products but also contributes greatly to the economic growth and sustainability of Alabama communities. The success of Alabama Goods highlights the value of prioritizing local treasures and supporting local artisans in a retail setting.

Commitment to Local Treasures: Alabama Goods is dedicated to displaying the rich cultural heritage and unique products of Alabama.

Support for Local Artisans: The retail store chain actively promotes and supports local artisans, fostering a thriving community of craftsmen.

Economic Growth: Alabama Goods’ emphasis on local products plays a crucial role in boosting the economic growth of Alabama communities.

Community Sustainability: By championing local treasures, Alabama Goods helps guarantee the sustainability of traditional craftsmanship in the state.

Global Appeal: Despite its local focus, Alabama Goods has gained worldwide recognition for its commitment to showcasing the best of Alabama’s artisanal products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Sell My Business if I Have an SBA 504 Loan?

Yes, selling a business with an SBA 504 loan is possible; however, it may require the loan to be paid off in full at the time of sale. The new owner might need to qualify for a new loan or undergo a loan assumption process.

What Percentage of SBA 504 Loans Are Guaranteed?

SBA 504 loans are guaranteed up to 40% by the Small Business Administration, reducing risk for lenders and enabling lower interest rates. This guarantee incentivizes lenders to offer significant financing, allowing small businesses access to higher loan amounts.

Can You Refinance SBA 7a With 504?

Yes, businesses can refinance SBA 7(a) loans with SBA 504 loans. This strategic move allows for debt consolidation, lower interest rates, and extended repayment terms, freeing up working capital for growth and enhancing financial stability.

What Is the Success Rate of SBA Loans?

The success rate of SBA loans is remarkably high, with over 80% of SBA loan applications approved. These loans have been instrumental in fostering the growth and stability of countless small businesses, contributing greatly to job creation and economic prosperity.


In the intricate tapestry of entrepreneurship, SBA 7A and 504 loans emerge as powerful catalysts, weaving threads of innovation, growth, and community impact.

Like a beacon of hope in a sea of challenges, these financial resources symbolize the transformative potential of strategic support in fostering business success and resilience.

Through the lens of these success stories, we glimpse a future where dreams take flight, businesses thrive, and communities flourish, all propelled by the enduring impact of SBA initiatives.




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